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Jeff and Liza [we] have a passion to care for and help the world’s orphans. Right now we’re in the process of forming our own Not-for-Profit ministry to do just that. Whether financing the dreams of adoption for other families, building orphanages and schools, or providing monthly support for an orphan, the dreams are big for the Ford family.  We hope you’ll keep this in mind and keep checking back to see the progress made.

For now, we’re hoping to raise the rest of the money needed for our two international adoptions.  To see the costs associated with international adoption, check out the Sample Costs page.

How can you help?  It’s easy.


1) Give a Buck, Save a Life.  If enough people give just $1.00, not only can we raise the $50,000 – $60,000 needed for our adoptions, but we can help others do it too.  It’s easy to do with PayPal.  Log In to your PayPal account, then send your $1.00 donation to the email: addictedtoadoption@gmail.com.  Or, just donate HERE.  If you’d like to donate more than $20, of course we’ll accept that too!  Please send your check to:

Jeff and Liza Ford
PMB 105
8348 Little Rd
New Port Richey, FL 34654

2) Tell a friend.  Once you’ve given your Buck, we encourage you to just tell one other person to do it too.  Encourage them to tell just one other person, and so on and so on.  By giving just a little, we can make a BIG difference in the lives of orphans across the globe and here at home.

3) Purchase a Bracelet or Buy a T-Shirt.  Perhaps you’d like to help an artisan in Haiti in addition to helping us raise the needed funds, which you can do by purchasing a bracelet HERE. Or maybe you’d rather a Compelled to Care T-Shirt that we created.  Go HERE to place your order.

4) Stay tuned.  We’re only getting started on this journey, and will be updating this site with more and more resources, options to give, and ways to help.  Subscribe to our RSS feed by going HERE so you don’t miss a post.  Or submit your email address on the icon to the right of this page that says “Notify Me of New Blog Posts” and you will get an email each time we update the blog.

5) Pray. Pray that we would be faithful through this process, steady through the ups and downs, and that God would stir the hearts of the right people to make these adoptions happen. We are so grateful for your prayers!

**If you’re looking to give a sizeable donation and would like a tax deductible receipt (over $200), we can provide you with one.  Please email us at the above email before doing so and we will give you the proper instructions.