Baby Steps Moving Forward on our wait for Ethiopia!

Picture from America World’s Website (our adoption agency handling our Ethiopia & Haiti adoptions)

There is an “unofficial” list of families adopting from Ethiopia within America World who are “in-line” and waiting for their children.  When Jeff and I officially got in-line this past January, we were number 81.  The line is moving very very slowly but today I was excited to see that we dropped to number 72.  Baby steps towards bringing home our Ethiopian child. :)   This fall, Jeff and I will have to update our homestudy (you have to update it every year) and when we do, we may revise some of the criteria for our child.  It is funny how God is slowly moving our hearts to go from adopting a “healthy child” to adopting a special needs child with either correctable needs or illnesses that are manageable long-term.  We are also excited at the thought that this fall, we may have an infant from our local adoption.  Our Florida adoption is less than 2 months away.  In fact, it is more like 49 days away!  Crazy times over here in our household.  If you are someone who prays, we would covet your prayers.  We are juggling too many balls right now with fundraising, planning our upcoming garage sale, planning our upcoming Tapas Meal & Silent Auction at Ceviche, running two businesses, and planning for a trip to St Louis.  We are barely staying afloat.  But God is good all the time.  Even when I feel like the best option for my day would be to sneak in bed and pull the cover over my head! :)

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  1. Deanna

    I just did a little “eeek!”. So excited for y’all! So excited to see you soon and talk about it. You’re so close to mommyhood, Liza! :) What a sweet, wonderful time! Yay!


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