Update from Ethiopia

Liza recently updated our adoption journey over on Addicted to Saving which you can read about HERE, but we thought an update would also be appropriate on our adoption blog to let you know of the latest. Liza and I … Continued


It’s been harder to keep up with this blog than we initially imagined. Part of that is because life is busy – AddictedtoSaving.com sees a ton of traffic this time of year, and it puts our deal-finding skills to the … Continued

A Grief Observed – His Side

We throw the word awesome around in our vocabulary fairly cavalierly. Someone gives a good performance on American Idol and we call it awesome; someone makes a diving catch in the outfield and we call it awesome; we get up on skis for the first time and call … Continued

Being a Father to the Fatherless

When Liza and I originally decided to adopt, it’s true that one of our main purposes was to grow our own family.  But as our eyes were opened to the plight of the orphan worldwide, and seeing how many times … Continued

Garage Sale Success

I am sitting here in my parents’ St. Louis suburban home watching my little nephew flop and roll around on the floor, happy as a clam, content to put whatever is near him in his mouth.  It won’t be long … Continued

Thanks Bekah & Your CCHS Class!

The picture above is a wonderful example of people we don’t even know stepping up to help us adopt. One of our friends, Bekah, teaches at Calvary Christian High School and explained to her students what we were doing. In … Continued

Ultrasound Revelations

One of the tremendous blessings of going through the adoptive process is that we are beginning to see how insensitive we are to other people.  Not because we’re intentionally mean or vindictive or anything; if you know us at all, … Continued

My “Guest Blog” Post on AddictedtoSaving.com

**NOTE** This originally appeared on AddictedtoSaving.com, but many have asked it be posted here as a reference point since blog posts are updated so frequently there and tend to get “lost.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I’m excited that Liza is letting me “guest … Continued