Ultrasound Revelations

One of the tremendous blessings of going through the adoptive process is that we are beginning to see how insensitive we are to other people.  Not because we’re intentionally mean or vindictive or anything; if you know us at all, … Continued

Nervous First Meetings

This past Friday, May 18th, Jeff and I were able to do something we never dreamed we would be doing. We met our future baby girl’s birth mom. With International adoptions, we will most likely never know our child’s parents. … Continued

My “Guest Blog” Post on AddictedtoSaving.com

**NOTE** This originally appeared on AddictedtoSaving.com, but many have asked it be posted here as a reference point since blog posts are updated so frequently there and tend to get “lost.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I’m excited that Liza is letting me “guest … Continued

Unexpected Curveballs – It’s a Girl

It has been a few weeks since I’ve written on our adoption blog. Let me tell you, the past couple of weeks have been an emotional roller coaster. I know Jeff wrote about the roller coaster we have been on. … Continued

Adopting Is a Roller Coaster

(image credit: cepolina.com)  The best metaphor for the adoption process has to be a roller-coaster. There are days when we are flying high, energized, hopeful, expectant, and thoroughly content in the place God has us.  Then there are times when we … Continued